About us

Call us whatever you want: content marketers, content strategists, text creators or copywriters. We offer advice and come up with creative concepts. Together, we will set up a content marketing strategy and create what is known as the content effect.

We strive to make content that is indispensable and appealing. By making sure the target group is left wanting more and feels connected to the sender (the brand), we achieve the content effect. This could be: more leads or more media attention, or an improved authority position or brand awareness. We take pride in our high-quality standard and always make sure our content is checked by a senior editor.

From advice to execution

With a background in online marketing, communications, journalism, PR or the Dutch language, there is always someone who can answer your content question. From target group analysis to content creation, distribution and analysis; Contentbureau is a content partner that delivers. And the great thing is: we do not just offer advice about the right strategy, we will also implement it for you.

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Contentbureau is a part of Charly PR, the Benelux agency for integrated corporate and consumer communications.

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