Briefing: your content’s starting point

What is your department’s or organization’s true goal? What sets you apart? Who is your target group and are they the key stakeholders? These are just a few questions we’ll ask during our briefing session. The results are recorded in a document that forms the starting point of our collaboration. This will come in useful once we continue.

For us, the most important question is: when does Contentbureau make you happy (or content)? That’s why we’ll always determine your goal. If you want to improve product knowledge among your target group, creating and distributing a brochure might be an option. Or maybe a social media campaign is more suitable. In short, the briefing session helps us discover what is the best way to reach your goals.

The target group

Before we get started with content marketing, we want to know all about your target group and customers. Which target groups are interesting to you? Which topics interest them? Which themes do they focus on? And is the target group looking for news, information, entertainment or a combination of these three? All this information is essential if you want to create a good content marketing plan.

What do we do? Our services

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