Bosch Professional Power Tools and Accessories: Facebook video content

Bosch Professional Power Tools and Accessories introduced a new combi line laser: the GCL 2-15 G Professional. It almost goes without saying that the brand wanted to promote this product on Bosch’s Dutch and Belgian Facebook page in a humoristic way, preferably with video content. We enlisted the help of our Eventive and LVTPR colleagues and put our heads together to come up with a creative approach.

We started with a briefing and the concept development. When introducing a new product, it’s important to show the new product’s USPs and differences compared to similar products. This product’s outstanding specifications? The GCL 2-15 G Professional has a green-coloured laser line instead of a red one, making the line more visible – even in the most crucial and challenging circumstances, which building professionals deal with quite a lot. Keeping this in mind, we created two scenarios for video content – a challenging and a crucial one. These scenarios featured situations in which the laser is used in an unusual way, resulting in a funny story.

The videos are an original LVT production. First, we filtered the most important information, brainstormed on creative ideas and coordinated these ideas with Bosch’s product specialists, making sure these scenarios were recognizable for our target group. Next, we translated the scenarios into video scripts and arranged several practicalities such as locations and casting. After shooting the videos, we made sure they were edited perfectly, posted on the Facebook pages in time and boosted to the right target group via advertising.

And the target group? Thee building professionals’ response was overwhelming. The videos were viewed 300,000 times and the posts’ comments were extremely positive. One of the videos was even proclaimed that year’s best performing post.

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