Honeywell: social media campaign

Although Honeywell offers a broad range of smart home products, such as comprehensive home security systems, security cameras and leak detectors, the organization is best known for its (smart) thermostats in the Netherlands. Which, per definition, is a winter product. So, the challenge for us was to create a relevant summer-oriented social media campaign that would appeal to fans.

Not a problem for Contentbureau. We saw the summer of 2017 as an opportunity to introduce consumers to other Honeywell products. That’s why we developed a social media campaign that focused on two target groups. The first target group consisted of people who were already familiar with the brand (likers). Our goal was to reach them with relevant content and generate website traffic, even in the relatively quiet summer period. Our other target group consisted of people who weren’t yet familiar with the brand, but who might be interested. The goal? Reach them to raise their awareness of the Honeywell brand.

In order to reach these goals, we came up with and created different videos, including a slideshow, stop-motion videos and a cinemagraph. In these videos, we addressed recognizable summer issues, such as keeping an eye on the house when you’re on holiday, and connected these issues to a Honeywell product. We introduced the same products to the unfamiliar target group, so they could get to know them as well. Naturally, we also incorporated social advertising to make sure the videos reached the right target group.

The result? The campaign had a reach of more than 161,000 people and 300,000 views. We also reached 125,000 engagements and more than 150 clicks to the website. Once the campaign ended, we also noticed a significant lift in the estimated ad recall among the target group that wasn’t yet familiar with Honeywell. Mission accomplished!

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