Nikon: creative social media content

Nikon is one of the biggest manufacturers of photo cameras in the world. Photography lovers from all over the world keep a close eye on everything this brand does online– it is a true love brand. That’s why it’s necessary for content to be more than just of high quality: this love factor needs to be reflected in image and copy. That’s why Nikon asked Contentbureau for support in making creative social media content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Based on our social media knowledge and knowledge of the local market, we select the most beautiful images. Together with the client, we create monthly content calendars that are filled with snappy content. Also part of the content marketing process is reporting back on the key results relating to reach and engagement. And we provide tips for continuous optimization of the content calendar.

The result? We don’t just succeed in bringing the target group closer to the Nikon brand, we also contribute to further strengthening the positive image of the brand online.


“Being a leading brand within the photography industry, we definitely have plenty of content. However, it’s a challenge to select the best images from this content overload. Contentbureau helps us make this selection and makes sure the images are accompanied by well-thought out texts that either support the image or reinforce it. Every month, this results in a varied content calendar that interests, informs and inspires the photography lovers.”

Olga Kastelein, Consumer Marketing Specialist at Nikon

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