Novotel Amsterdam City: menu texts

If you go out to dinner, you don’t just want to enjoy good food and drinks. You want to be taken on a culinary journey. Which starts with the menu. And Novotel Amsterdam City knows that, too. This hotel’s restaurant wanted to highlight the stories behind its dishes and the chef’s passion. To seduce its guests and to stand out among other restaurants. It was the perfect job for Contentbureau.

What we did? First, we came up with the menu’s concept: two lines per dish about how it is prepared, its history or the ingredients. The source of these stories? The chef himself. We wrote the copy – in Dutch and in English. Next, we finished the result with a design sauce from our graphic designers, who didn’t just restyle the menu, but also offered advice about how it should look and the paper.

The result? A recipe for success; a menu that makes your mouth water. And, above all, a menu that ensures guest will keep coming back. If you’re planning on having dinner at Novotel Amsterdam City sometime soon, we wish you a very pleasant dinner and read!

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