Concept development

There’s one question that is key when it comes to developing a content (marketing) concept: how do we make sure the message you want to communicate suits the needs of your target group? Together, we’ll identify the topics that appeal to your target group or existing relations. We’ll then translate these into a concept that ties them to your organization for a long time.

A concept can be an elaborate abstract idea, or simply a stepping stone for your content. But no matter what it is, a good concept lasts a long time. To create one, we first analyze your market, the challenges, the target group and potential competition. We’ll do this during the briefing: the starting point of our collaboration.


After the briefing, a structured brainstorm takes place. In most cases, dozens of actionable ideas are born during such a brainstorm. The best concepts are then turned into a proposal.

Content strategy

The content strategy is a regular component. We use it to determine which tools and channels we’ll employ to reach the target group and achieve the predetermined goals. We evaluate the most suitable content types, such as blogposts, videos, press releases, infographics, et cetera. To identify the best routing, we map the customer journey and buyer personas. This will result in the ideal mix of channels to distribute content. Via your own website, social media and email marketing, for example. Or by retargeting your website visitors.

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