Content creation

As a partner in content, we provide in everything: from content strategy and execution to monitoring and additional advice. We believe that the execution, or content creation, works best when it’s part of a well-thought out plan. But naturally, we also do stand-alone projects, like an article, social media post or whitepaper. Whether we have to write these from scratch, or rewrite them based on your version.

Every Contentbureau content creator has a specialization. They specialize in IT, finance, lifestyle, retail or automotive. Thanks to this variety of qualities, we are able to handle pretty much every content issue. Short copy or long copy, a slogan or by-lined article, interview or translation, social media campaign or online customer support; we’ll translate the input into inspiring content.

Content calendar

Need an article or blog post fast? We’re ready to help. Even if it’s to create content based on a content marketing plan. The plan is made up of five steps. First, we map vision, objectives and target group, which we’ll then turn into a concept and content strategy. The concept is translated into a content calendar, a planning in which we determine which content is published or distributed for a certain period of time. The calendar helps to maintain an overview and ensures that the varying types of content are geared to one another and geared to the planned marketing campaigns or product launches.

Single point of contact

Depending on the communication activities planned, we get started on producing content. Our core quality: high-quality copywriting for e.g., blogs, brochures, whitepapers, press releases and website texts. Together with partners, we’ll help you with the graphic design of infographics, social media posts and complete corporate identities. In need of video cases and corporate videos? Or a partner to develop complete websites and email templates with? We’ll manage all of your content issues, so you’ll have a single point of contact.

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