Content marketing: the engine behind the content effect

Entering into a long term relationship with your target group. Strengthening your authority position. Making sure you are and remain top of mind among your target group. With content marketing, you can go in any direction you desire. And with us as well.

An ideal content marketing strategy encompasses multiple touchpoints; just one magazine does not equal content marketing. It requires an integrated approach and consists of a variety of activities that belong to the same umbrella. You can use it to address your target group on a personal level. And inspire them. Inform them. Hold onto them. That’s our goal: a long term relationship between you and your target group.

The foundation: good content

We see content marketing as a means to realize your goals. Such as improving brand awareness, or lead generation. But content marketing can also contribute to strengthening your authority position or improving customer loyalty. As long as you have a good plan and strong content at the basis of it.

More leads in 5 steps

In order to create a good content marketing plan, you need strategists and creative thinkers. We’ll help you define the target group and design a customized concept. Together, we’ll go through the complete content marketing plan. And if you want, we can take a detour every now and then. Or simply go through just a part of the process. As long as it serves your goals.

Together with Charly PR for a 360 approach

As a part of Charly PR, the Benelux agency for integrated corporate and consumer communications, we can also help you match your contentmarketing with other communication fields: want to use the power of PR to generate awareness for your content topic in the media? Looking for a strategic internal communication approach to really make an impact with your internal content? Interested in amplifying a content campaign through incluencer marketing? For that and many other combinations, Contentbureau and Charly PR are your go-to.     


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