Content analysis and reporting

What can a content campaign do for me? How do I justify the budget? These are questions many marketing communication managers are struggling with. And they’re questions we can answer with smart tooling. Moreover, we’ll also take a look at how to improve the conversion of activities and campaigns.

How many leads did a content campaign generate? How often has a blog been read? And in what way has social advertising contributed to the engagement objectives? We monitor activities, collect the results in a report and translate the report into action items.


The most successful content marketing campaigns are adjusted continuously. Google, Analytics, Coosto, Facebook Business Manager, Search Console; these are all tools that no longer hold any secrets for us. Depending on your objectives, we regularly measure whether we’re on the right track. And report about the content we produce and distribute on either a weekly or monthly basis. Naturally, we’ll also provide advice on how we can keep optimizing.

Marketing automation

With marketing automation, lead generation will reach a new dimension. We’ll help you set up a buyer persona, create a content calendar and produce all the content. We provide training on the tooling, or we can process the information for you. With marketing automation, we pull prospects into a funnel, offer them personalized content in an automated manner, and retarget them. The result? We help you to turn as many Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) as possible.

In order to measure whether the predetermined goals have been achieved, we monitor the results of the content activities and report them to you. We’ll analyze the website statistics, reach numbers or the number of leads. These outcomes are then used to optimize the strategy. In short: anything for the best result.

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