Are you a visionary in your branch, but by no means a language nut? Do you have a column in a trade publication or on a branch blog, but do you keep missing the deadline because you have no inspiration? Contentbureau writes columns to order. You provide the ingredients, we’ll create the dish. In other words: a spicy column that creates a stir or encourages the reader to take action.

We’ve got years of experience writing columns about a variety of subjects and for the craziest target groups. Let us write your column, and you’ll get a text that hits the right note thanks to the humorous angle, a different style or maybe even a thorough analysis of the topic. Don’t worry: together we’ll come up with perfect creations. Creations that save you time and get your message across. Or maybe you’d like to learn how to write a better column yourself? We regularly provide workshops on how to write a column.


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