Content calendar

The concept is ready – now it’s time to create the content. And you know what? Leave that content creation up to us, because we can provide you with a content calendar. A content calendar provides an overview of the content that has been scheduled for the month to come. It includes the channels, posting date, content themes, categories, formats, images and objectives. This allows you to bring structure to your social media posts, blogposts and newsletter articles. Creating a content calendar also helps you to plan ahead. To prepare for a comprehensive campaign, for example, or to create a news angle related to special days like Christmas, for example.

In short: a carefully-created and clear content calendar provides you with more control of your content. It also helps you to communicate a balanced and consistent message. What a content calendar looks like? We can decide that together. An (online) Word or Excel document might be the best choice, but we’ve also got experience with content tools that help ensure a smooth planning and approval process. We’d be happy to discuss the options with you.

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