Email marketing

Coming up with and writing interesting content for your email newsletter is hard enough. What would you like to say? And more importantly: what would your target group like to read? What makes them take the time to read a newsletter? And how can we make sure readers click through to your website? All these questions are part of email marketing. And that’s why you need Contentbureau.

We don’t just create a balance between commercial, informative and humorous communication in your email newsletter or direct mail. We also provide your standard mail texts with a creative twist, if desired. We use advanced email marketing software. The benefit: complete insight in the efficiency of your mailings. How many people open your message? Which content has the highest score? Based on these data, we develop a strategy to make your next mailings even better. And if that means that every reader has to be provided with different content, based on their previously read messages, well, so be it!

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