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It’s one of the oldest ways to get company news noticed by the media: the press release. We believe in the power of this medium, but only if the content and structure match what the journalist is looking for. Sometimes, these are short pieces of content that can be copied one-on-one. Others prefer a detailed story that focuses on the news. Contentbureau is able to create both types, and everything in between.

We’re part of a PR and communication advice agency and know what a good press release looks like. It’s about writing a text that stands out in the populated journalist’s mailbox. Want to distribute a press release that was written by us among relevant media? Our press database is huge – containing both B2B media as well as consumer media – and full of personal email addresses of journalists, bloggers and influencers. That’s how you achieve your goals. Want to know more about press releases and your options? Want to make the headlines with news from your organization?

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