Did you know that your company could be ranked number one on Google within an hour? And that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune? By using Google AdWords, the search engine’s advertising system, your target group will find you based on most relevant search words. With Search Engine Advertising (SEA), everything can be measured and optimized perfectly. An ideal way of lead generation for campaigns, products or events.

Naturally, you could implement SEA yourself. But don’t be mistaken: in order to structure a campaign optimally, you absolutely need some knowledge of the possibilities. Like an Adwords certificate, which all of the Contentbureau employees have. That’s why they’re the right people to handle SEA for your company.

What we’ll do? We’ll start with determining the most important keywords, writing the advertising texts and setting up the campaigns. Once the campaigns are live, we’ll continuously adjust them to optimize the results. Would you like some advice about optimal landing pages as well? Or do you want to know more about the possibilities of advertising via Google Shopping or Bing Ads? With Contentbureau, advertising can’t go wrong: we’ll always focus on achieving your business goals.

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