Social advertising

It’s sad, but true: with just organic content, it’s hard to realize your company objectives on social media. Due to a variety of algorithms, it’s more difficult to become visible with non-sponsored content on channels like Facebook or Instagram. So, it’s not surprising companies are spending more money on social advertising. Because if you create good social media content, it should be seen.

Should you start advertising, then? Hold on. Because it’s all about having a good advertising strategy. What are you goals and who is your target group? Which platforms and advertising content are the best match? And more importantly: how will you measure your goals? And when are you satisfied?

Whether you want to work on reach, an involved target group, website traffic or selling products or services. Contentbureau provides support in the world of reach, engagement, (re)targeting and conversions. Including a well-founded advertising strategy, clear goals, relevant metrics, advice about the right target group targeting and reporting. We’ll help you with a plan, or manage the execution of it. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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