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Content for social is and will always be a challenge for many companies. Just because content scores on Twitter, doesn’t mean that same content is a hit on Facebook. And are you wondering how you can optimally use your LinkedIn profiles and company pages? Or if you should maybe do something with Snapchat?

Contentbureau keeps it simple, because we know what works. To maintain an overview, we create structured content calendars. We’re also on top of the news in order to respond to current affairs. With Contentbureau as your social media partner, you’ll have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest account that’s always up-to-date, interesting, interactive and worth following. And would you like to find out what all these posts amount to in terms of reach, engagement and business goals? Our social reports offer insights and provide points for improvement.

Check our own Facebook page and Instagram pictures, and our LinkedIn profile and Twitter account. You’re more than welcome to like and follow us. In need of social media support? From a single tweet to a complete social strategy: just send our social experts a message via these media.

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