Creating a website involves more than you think. It’s essential to consider several factors beforehand in order to make the project a success. What is the goal of your new website? Which information is relevant for which target groups? And how do you structure the content in such a way that search engines and the visitor can consume it easily?

With Contentbureau as your web design company, you’re choosing a party that always puts content and SEO first, based on your company’s goals. That means that we – together with our website and graphic design partners – can build your new website from scratch. A website that has a cool design, is user-friendly, and has an optimal SEO strategy for Google and affiliates.

And after you’ve gone live? We make sure your website doesn’t come to a standstill. Up-to-date and relevant content is essential for visitors and Google. We’ll be your internet editors. We provide up-to-date, relevant and – if possible – interactive content. And will also upload it to your CMS. From WordPress to Drupal: we know most of the systems inside out.

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