I used to be a little know-it-all who loved correcting (language) mistakes. And I have to admit I was annoying. Now, I know a flawless text doesn’t make you a good writer. The way you write and the structure of your text: that’s what is important. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Language, Communication and Argumentation, I make sure to translate complex messages into appealing texts. And I thoroughly enjoy doing it.

Social media campaigns, website texts, a fun on-trend advertisement, newsletters, video content and infographics; each piece of content is different. I get my energy from the variety – from coming up with creative concepts to creating (more complex) content. I use the right questions and brainstorming techniques to create depth. This way, you’re able to find out what the expectations are, how to meet them and, above all, how to stand out. Because content should be a tool to steer people in the right direction.

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