What I wanted to be when I was older? A reader! Unfortunately, the labor market wasn’t looking for full-time readers. So, I became a writer, and as it turned out, I enjoyed that even more! Because you’re the one who’s in control. Now, as a Content Creator at the Flemish Contentbureau office, I’m able to make texts swing in such a way that other hopefully want to become a full-time writer as well.

Working at Contentbureau means specializing in certain themes. Naturally, having a feeling for languages is at the top of all of our lists of skills. But there’s more to it than that. That’s why I enthusiastically focus on the content (marcom) component of our Belgian clients, both online and offline. In need of some SEA or social media advice? Or are you looking for someone to write a company magazine? Throw all your communications issues my way. I’ll return advice and content you – and your clients – can use.

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