When I was young and would go over to a friend’s house to play, they would hide the books because I’d start reading them otherwise. After taking English, German and French in secondary school, I decided to study Spanish abroad for some time. And after studying Communication Science and getting my master’s degree in Journalism, I ended up in the culinary world. I wasn’t exactly skilled in the kitchen, so I was only able to check the recipe texts. Language wise, I do know what I’m talking about, so Contentbureau was – and still is – exactly the right fit.

From (re)writing a complicated IT text to creating search engine-friendly texts for websites – I’ll sink my teeth into anything. I create social content for an automotive industry brand and write educational texts for an environmental organization. I also rewrite entire websites for consumer electronics manufacturers and act as a ghostwriter for an international recruitment agency. And my experience in the culinary world? I use that to edit menus and cook books, for example.

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