From the moment I was able to speak, I loved language. When I was a toddler, I used to beg my parents to read me stories. In preschool, I took control and carefully started putting down my first words on paper. As a teenager, I loved reading the packaging of different condiments while we were having dinner. And now, the book case in my house is my greatest pride and I’ve turned writing into my profession. After completing a master’s degree in Communications, I found my niche as a content creator and community manager at Contentbureau.

More brand awareness, engagement, leads or website traffic: often, the demand is clear, but what does a client really want? I enjoy getting to the bottom of things before getting to work. I love writing clear white papers about complex topics. Or developing a branded content platform or setting up a social media strategy. Looking for B2B content, social media (advertising) and online marketing? I’m your girl. I’m also your girl if you need a workshop or English translation. And I always keep one thing in mind: content should be valuable and relevant.

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