Language is one of the main themes in my life. I’ve loved language and anything that’s even remotely related for as long as I can remember. Reading, writing or correcting an unsuspecting family member: it’s got my name written all over it. When I was fourteen years old I developed a passion for the English language, and for a long time it was my favorite. Until I got my master’s degree in Translation and rediscovered the Dutch language. At Contentbureau, I get to work with both languages. And more importantly: my hobby has become my profession.

Although I get to work with both languages, I have become somewhat of an English copywriting expert at Contentbureau. It doesn’t really matter what type of text needs to be created. From translating IT press releases to writing English texts for new, international websites. I also serve a variety of Dutch clients, however, such as a leading international photography brand whom I create a content calendar for every month.

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