Language has always been a major part of my life. I’ve been attracted to anything language-related for as long as I can remember. Reading, writing, solving crossword puzzles; I loved it from the moment I was able to do it. And if I were to believe my parents, I was actually pretty young when I said my first words. When I was fourteen I fell for the English language – and I played favorites for a long time. Until I started studying for a master’s degree in Translation and rediscovered the Dutch language. At Contentbureau, I work with both languages, but I specialize in English – admittedly still my favorite.

So at Contentbureau I’m mainly known as the English copywriting expert. I write new (product) texts for a variety of leading brands, work on newsletters and create many different articles (sometimes based on an interview). I do all this in Dutch as well. In addition, I translate (into Dutch and into English) for different industries: from IT press releases to lifestyle articles about consumer products and blogposts that lean toward the medical industry. Finally, I’m expanding my focus on content marketing advice – another topic Contentbureau can help you with.

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